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Then-Now. Happy Birthday Photo Collages for Gift

When you will see the old picture of parents, mom, dad, sisters, brothers pictures and more recent picture of them in our photo collage design, you will smile. We keep the most vivid memories from our lives in photographs. By combining several then and now photos of your relatives and friends into a single whole, we will get a photo collage that can serve as an original birthday present for your loved ones. Celebrate Milestones and Capture First Day of School and Last Graduation Photos. 5, 10, 25, 50 Years Together Then & Now Wedding Anniversary Photo collage with Heart Warming Memories as Engagement, & Vow Renewal Couples Gift. You will love seeing your old photos in a new light with creative edits like before and after collages.

We don't us templates. All collages personalized and unique. These examples can give you an idea of what your birthday photo collage might look like.
Just send your photos, and we'll do the rest

Collage Blended #3252-30
Boyfriend birthday then and now photo collage
Birthday then and now photo collage

Customizable Family Poster #MP3050
Sibling then-now Black and White photo collage for birthday
Sibling then-now BW photo collage for birthday

Collage Blended #2810
Girlfriend birthday then now pic collage
Girlfriend birthday then now pic collage

Collage Mosaic #2812
Husband birthday before and after photo collage
Husband birthday before and after photo collage

Customizable Family Poster #MP4030
Photo collage then-now birthday little-bif brothers
Photo collage then-now birthday brothers

Customizable Family Poster #MP4040
Photos before and after collsge sis-bro birthday
Photos before and after collage sis-bro birthday

Collage Traditional Irregular #MP1-100
Sister-in-law then-now photo collage for birthday
Sister-in-law then-now photo collage birthday

Collage Traditional Irregular #MP1-030
Stepbrother-stepsister then-now birthday collage for gift
Stepbrother-stepsister then-now birthday collage

Collage Blended #3252-25
Wife birthday Then-Now pictture collage ideas
Wife birthday Then-Now picture collage

Collage Blended #3252-50
Fhather birthday Then-Now picture collage design
Dad birthday Then-Now picture collage ideas

Family Tree Collage Mosaic #4198
Family Tree then now photo collage, poster print
Family Tree Photo Collage, poster

Family Tree Collage Mosaic #4198-122
Before and after family tree photo collage, frame options
Family Tree Photo Collage, frame

Collage Traditional Irregular #1266

Anniversary before and after photo collage

Collage Blended #1310
Before and 25 years after marriage wedding anniversary photo collage, wife husband
Then-Now wedding anniversary photo collage

Photo Collage Examples

Birthday picture montage - samples 2

Create personalized before and after photo collage that honor memories about your loved ones. Here are examples of then and now photo collage ideas for gifts from family and best friends that capture special moments celebrating a birthday anniversary or wedding and remind us of happy times
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