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Turn Your Wedding Photos Into Collage

For certain it would be greatly desirable that the wedding photos could see everyone and at once. But how to make it? How to share the happiness with your friends? The answer is simple - create the wedding collage. Order a unique wedding collage customized just for you./p>

Wedding collage ideas

Photoartomation studio artists offer custom wedding photo collages from groom and bride photos taken during your engagement or bridal ceremony. Wedding day picture montage arrangement and artistic composition in one photomontage print is a good personalized wedding anniversary gift ideas for married couple, wife and husband parents and grandparents, for birthday and anniversaries. Each design is personalized and unique. After placing the order, you'll be able to preview samples of your collage proof for your review in 4-5 business days. ou will be able to request any changes you would like. We Don't Use Templates. Any wedding collage personalized and unique

These examples can give you an idea of what your wedding photo collage might look like. Just send your photos, and we'll do the rest

Collage Mosaic #2041
Wedding picture collage 2041
Sepia Polaroid and Cube Birthday Photo Collage

Panoramic Blended #2501
Wedding panoramic pic collage example 2501
Very best wedding day newlywed after the ceremony

Collage Mosaic #1514
Wedding collage star shape photos displaying
Wedding star shape collage photos displaying

Collage Blended #2080
Custom wedding collage blended
Most beautiful way to remember the wedding day

Collage Traditional Irregular #1523
Wedding collage example 1523
A wonderful way to celebrate this special day on a wedding anniversary

Collage Traditional Irregular #2070
Wedding picture collage ideas from newlyweds photos
Wedding picture collage design from newlyweds photos

Collage Blended #2012
Wedding day 10 photo square collage design #2012
Your favorite wedding photos in this print, cherish your special day forever

Collage Traditional Irregular #1525
Wedding collage example 1525
Collage Wedding Photos To Love & Cherish From This Day and Forever

Collage Blended #1530
Wedding collage example 1530
Wedding photos in this frame and cherish your special day forever

Collage Traditional Irregular #2021
Happy wedding day picturemontage
Happily Forever, Wedding Collage, Precious memories from your wedding day

Collage Traditional Irregular #2031
Wedding photo collage
Significant moments in your wedding day displayed in a wedding collage print

BW Collage Blended #1270
BW Wedding Photo Collage Blended #1270
Customize Your Own Black-White Wedding Collage, Free Preview

Collage Traditional Irregular #2040
Sepia wedding collage
Celebrate LOVE with this Wedding Day Anniversary photo collage, designed with your favorite photos and memories

Collage Blended #2050
Collage wedding photos
Original way to highlight a life-changing occasion. Wedding collage lets you honor the big day.

Collage Blended #1290
Photo collage wedding design 100 more frame photos
What's a anniversary day without the memories? Celebrate your wedding with a personalised wedding photo collage and relive the special day everyday

Panoramic Blended #2410
Photo collage Wedding photo shape love
Panoramic "LOVE" wedding collage. Blue background. Display your wedding photos in the shape of letters

Collage Traditional Irregular #2420
Photo Wedding Collage for New Married Gift
100 more wedding photos. Special way to remember the best day of your life

Collage Traditional Irregular #2120
Wedding collage traditional
Create a unique collage with your wedding photos to hang on your wall!

Collage Traditional Irregular #2424
Photo Collage Wedding Certificate Red Heart
Our stunning collage prints are the perfect way to remember the details from your wedding day

Custom Wedding Poster #1-140
Photo-Collage-Wedding-Poste WP1-140
Mixed sepia and color wedding poster card "Wedding Day" with your favourite photos to create a stunning personalised photo collage

Wedding Collage Examples

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  1. Send us your digital images
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  3. Preview Artwork Proof
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Custom Size Frame Options
Framed Painting
All frames include: Satin Paper or canvas Print, Plexi Glass, Wire, nails and hooks

Stretched Canvas Prints of Your Treasured Memories
Canvas Stretched Print
Gallery wrapped premium canvas with the texture over real wood frame

Printed Posters. Custom Sizes with 1-2 inch Border for Framing
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All of our premium papers and canvases are acid-free, will last for generations.

Collage of newly married

One of the most memorable days in life of most of people is a day of wedding. This considerable event in life newly married impression and memory of which will remain with the groom and the bride for the rest of life. Nothing so allows refreshing memoirs as photos or videos from a wedding. in order that it is beautiful to issue picturess, and creation of a collage of wedding is intended. But how to make a wedding collage, what backgrounds for wedding collages to use in what program it can be made? And naturally each couple wants to make a wedding picture collage free of charge if to do it independently, it is possible to consider various options in process and to choose the most pleasant to you.

How to create the unique design

For creation of a wedding photomontage you will need the best and interesting, meaningful photos from happy bridal day. Backgrounds for wedding collages it is possible to pick up the most different: from traditional flowers and hearts to the landscapes of fields, blue heaven, the seashore or something else.

It is possible to add some bright details to each background, and the festive and expressive wedding collage as a result will turn out. It is interesting to note what gains recently popularity registration of wedding collages in retro style. And it with an ulterior motive, retro style always causes special sense of nostalgia.

It is possible to give personality and creatively to a collage with the help heading and inscriptions in a high tech or a modernist styles

The wedding collage as a result shall be saturated and expressive and cause every time desire again to look at it and that every time looking at a collage you mentally returned that light gala day – day of a wedding. The wedding collage can be unpacked and delivered in a frame on a table or to hang up on a wall, it is also possible to make a collage a background for a desktop on the computer. Believe, such collage will always raise a gentle smile.

Media prints, Print size and Prices

Favorite wedding moments printed on custom size canvas, framed or mounted posters. In addition we offer collage wedding photo mixed media: rectangle and square marriage collage orientation, panoramic and multi-panel collage wall art designs. You can compare prices while you admire your collage style. Customized sizes give you the freedom to dictate the size you want and need. Should you need one that fits into a limited space or a printout that covers a huge area of your wall.

Custom frame size panoramic print, Old wedding photo restoration service.

Customer Feedback

This last version of my wedding collage is great! This is what I was looking for. It is absolutely perfect and I will order. Thanks for all your help and hard work - Kira Tullio

The collage you gays created for me were spectacular. My husband really loved it and was very shocked that I had managed to get it all organized for him. Thanks again for all your work - Sandra Bronstein

Thanks for all your work, this is really a wonderful service - Ken Day

Everything looks great! I must say the end result exceeded my expectations. As the collage was shipped by your company outside the country where we were celebrating our parents 50th wedding anniversary, I did not have a chance to inspect it prior to the celebration. Hence our surprise, relief and amazement when the package was opened and the lovely canvas was revealed meeting all our demands - Karen Wiles

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