17th Birthday Photo Gifts for Boyfriend. 17 Surprise Ideas for ex and long distance bf on Anniversary, Christmas, Valentines Day

What to give Boyfriend for his 17th birthday?

The best gift is one that is a surprise and evokes positive emotions. This is exactly what a gift using your photos is, thanks to the captured special moment in life, this gift will always be valuable to the recipient.

Gift ideas from a photo always turn out to be individual, because it depicts his girlfriend, closest friends and relatives along with the birthday boy

For a small price, you can order such a gift on our website. Such a surprise will remain for a long time and will take pride of place in the house. Here you will see special gift ideas for your boyfriend who is about to turn 17

17th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend using pictures

You can order absolutely unique birthday photo gift for Boyfriend that can be customized with his name, date of birth and birthday wishes

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These examples can give you an idea of what your
artwork might look like

Collage Blended #3201-17
Happy 17th birthday photo collage collor


Collage Blended #3025-17
Surprise Gift for Boyfriend 17th Birthday black and white photo collage


Framed Custom Painting from Photo
Framed Custom Painting from Photo for boyfriend turning 17


Custom Pop Art from Photo
Personalized pop art from boyfriends-girlfriends photos


Collage Mosaic #3243-17
Gift Ideas for surfing fun on his 17th birthday


Collage Blended #3234-17
17th Birthday Gift for snowboarding guy


Collage Traditional Irregular #3252-17
Good Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriends 17th Birthday, Customized Then Now Shape Collage


Collage Blended #8355
Perfect Poster for 17 year old Boyfriend on Christmas


Print Options

Stretched Canvas Prints of Your Treasured Memories
 Stretched Canvas Prints of Men Treasured Memories

Printed Posters. Custom Sizes with 1-2 inch Border for Framing
Printed Posters for Boyfriend. Custom Sizes with 1-2 inch Border for Framing

Custom Size Frame Options
Custom Size Frame Options for Boyfriend

Comments and Suggestions
I am going to borrow the personalized popart. A great idea, thank you.
I love these photo gift ideas, when you make a gift for someone I think that it is truly from the heart as you make sure that it always looks really nice
Wonderful and creative. The winter season always brings out my crafty side. You gave me some really good inspiration. Thanks
I like the personalized portable wall art and hand painted couple portraits! If I wanted to move the art wall, all I have to do is detach and reassemble! Now I have several gift ideas for these Xmas
Excellent idea!! There are so many ways to give a present from the hard without buying a staffy gift. My brother in law turning 16 and this is a neat. I like making gift with personal touch for just about anyone, for any reason. It's always great to see examples to get ideas
Wow! What a treasure trove!
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What to give Boyfriend for his 17th birthday – Ideas and Gifts

1. So it was my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday today and they had celebrated the day before with friends and today they went to see his family. They took my nephew to go meet his side of the family. Also the other day I got a new phone so I’m still getting used to it as it’s a lot bigger then my last phone. I’m going to be babysitting tomorrow which I’m not really looking forward to as I would much rather stay at home, however I do get money for his present, $30 for 8 hours and make him a gift. Sometimes I think it’s not enough but at the end of the day it adds up.

Birthday Lights Party

Bunch of balloon funda Bunch of balloon funda or open way: either make a whole bunch of 12 balloon if possible to adjust(signifying the 12 months) or in triads of 4(4 bunch with 3 balloons each) with the names of all students in respective birthday month balloon... you can place the pic of birthday guy/girl in background in balloon shape (cut the ex bf and new friends, pics in balloon shape) ..or u can do it in loose manner...for ex. U arrange 12 balloons in a lil up then down then up pattern and so on....and u can decorate your classroom wall with a banner sort of chart...(like we have a happy birthday banner u can do the same way...with 12 balloon and names of classmate in respective ballons...instead of letters H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y...)

2. A Photo collage which can be posted on the wall is perfect gift for your best friend on his birthday. Posting a collage on your friend's wall would definitely garner likes and comments.

Memories go along way, being back the happiness of old times and is an opportunity to renew many old bonds. You can always send a handmade collage with a printed and framed collage couriered to his/her home, which will also show how much you love your friend and how the memories with your friend are special to you.

3. Best Friends Tree funda: Like there is a long relationship tree ..u can make the birthday chart by taking inspiration from the same... First categorize all the 12 months as main branches and then the names and photo of all the fellow classmates in the respective sub branches of different month branches.

5.inspiration from wind chimes: like we have stickes that creates soothing sound you can make small flowers or balloons , cakes , stars, chocolates etc. In a similar manner and Do the ssame.this is in case if u r nt totally confined to charts.

Today’s the 25th of December and Christmas Eve, and it’s the day of my boyfriend birthday, and I love him so much. He is high school students, engaging in two trades at the same time is probably difficult, but work hard. Your birthday came again on Xmas time, so we can celebrate and I’m really, really happy! Had a lovely Birth Day for my guy 17th birthday. I guess my night isn’t over just yet…
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