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What to give Boyfriend for his 20th birthday?

The birthday of a beloved man is one of the most important events in the life of a couple in love. Usually, on such a holiday, girls think how to surprise a guy with an unusual gift so that he likes everything. The most important and difficult thing is to choose a good birthday present for your loved one. Much here depends on the level of your relationship, financial capabilities, the nature of the man, the scope of his activities and interests. We offer some personalized gift ideas using your photos together that you and your boyfriend will love on his 20th birthday. Getting the perfect gift is not about getting an expensive present or jewelry, but about getting something meaningful, that tells a story on its own. If you want to really impress your man celebrate this special day with a memorable birthday picture collage in form of a blended number and name/date of Birth. Add Birthday wishes, greetings, quotes.

Creative 20th Birthday Gift Ideas using pictures for 20 Year Old Guy

You can order absolutely unique birthday photo gift for Boyfriend that can be customized with his name, date of birth and birthday wishes

How it works
1 Send us your digital images
2 Complete your Order
3 Preview/Approve Artwork Proof
4 Receive your Art Print

Tell your Love Story in Photos
These examples can give you an idea of what your artwork might look like

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Collage Blended #3201-20
Happy 20th birthday shape collage

Collage Blended #3025-20
Black White number 20 collage for 20 year old boyfriend

Framed Custom Painting from Photo
20 x 28 inches Framed Custom Painting from boyfriend-girlfriend Photo

Custom Pop Art from Photo
4 panel 20 x 20 inches custom Warhol inspired Pop Art using pictures

Collage Mosaic #3243-20
Mosaic collage for surfing boyfriend, 20x34 inches

Collage Blended #3234-20
Blended collage for snowboarding guy, 20x40 inches

Collage Traditional Irregular #3252-20
Michael birthday card, from one to 20th

Collage Blended #8355
Perfect Poster for 20 year old Boyfriend on Christmas or Valentines

Comments and Suggestions
OMG I also ordered a collage from! My boyfriend is supper into baseball and plays for his college team now. So I got a bunch of pictures from his games, and some baseball games he went to watch, and the people at photoartomation did a beautiful job of putting them together. You’re right about their customer service, it was top notch! Normally my boyfriend isn’t a sentimental guy but his eyes definitely watered up when he saw this gift. He was very happy ;) I’m probably going to make a bunch of collages for my family members for future holidays
This couldn't come at a more perfect time, as my boyfriend's birthday is next month. I am still unsure as to what I want to get him. Thanks for sharing
Great ideas using photos! Super and cute! The perfect present is magical in its being, for it sings a melody of your soul that resonates with all your memories. That is what makes finding the perfect birthday gift for special one so hard. Here are 20 photo gift ideas that you can choose for personalised birthday gifts
I also recently thought about this and on this site I found the best solution. Personalized candles with favorite pictures of couple or unique monogram, customizable text on them. Light up your special memories and love to those who are miles away. Combine your best memories with sweet candle to create ambience and warmth in any room of your house. When sending a customized candle you are sending more than just the personalized label, roses, a birthday card, or letter
For One Year Anniversary you can surprise him with calendar made up online with photos on each month’s page, so twelve in all. ♦ Start the new year with the hand picked Wall Calendars that will keep your favorite memories close all next year. ♦ Give the gift of time with stylish and fun Desk Calendars ♦ Low-priced Magnetic Calendars if you simply looking for the cutest way to showcase your favorite one month photos ♦ Poster Calendars with treasure the photos of you and your bf through each month of the year
Getting a thoughtful gift goes a long way to show your feelings for him. A T-shirt would make him feel appreciated especially if it has picture two of you on it or initials. That makes a world of difference. Add a logo, brand, name, artwork has never been simpler. Cool look for your b-friend. Professional printing
If you thinking for gift to your ex, that's mean between you remained warm friendly feelings and present for ex guy has to be kind, pleasant or at least just useful and practical. If you want to get an ex boyfriend back since you break up, give him a gift of memory: birthday 20 pic collage, photo album or Scrapbook. To renew feelings is not always easy way and sometimes impossible. Correctly choosing a gift for best friend’s birthday will help you to get your ex back
Make an amazing gift for your b-friend whose birthday is around the corner. Beautiful cartoon dating couple portraits posters, hand drawing in black-white and color pencils. Photo to cute Anime portraits in any concept and theme of your choice
If your relationship last for 3, 6, 9 months and you don’t know each other well enough yet, get a new bf gift with all your heart: - bake him the special birthday cake with 20 candles - surprise him with funny 20 years birthday quotes - birthday printable poster wishes with sweet designer greeting card - handmade artistic craft with love poem
Custom size Original Poster Print, simply to hang on the wall. Handmade pieces Greeting Cards for any occasion. Avery design postcards, Notes, Text
Show your far away love friend how much you care for him. Best 20 Long distance relationship gift ideas - Burn him full of missed calls and messages CD/DVD Album - Send him “I miss you” ecard, with date of birth - Men's Digital Sports Watch - Large Teamster Backpack - Cell phone charger, iPhone case, Bluetooth headset
Get a unique colorful Pop Art Portrait made from your favorite photos on ready to hang canvas, absolutely amazing wood frame. Modern portrait painting inspired by Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein style
Couple's split heart shaped silver keychains with fun instagram would make a memorable Xmas or birthday present
- Nothing looks more sophisticated then Men’s leather wallet with laser check
- Gift certificate to pay for Christmas Eve dinner
- Together forever 20 girlfriend-boyfriend photo frame template
Personalized Photo Rubik's Cube Collage Poster you can customize with your bf-gf photos for a unique gift for him and her
Custom hand drawn CARICATURE, 18th Birthday Cartoon, good for Anniversary, Christmas and Valentines Day. This is done on Photo Satin paper, acrylic paints, Artwork finish: Metal Frosted Black Frame
First, you will need appropriate size and quality wood slices that are pretty on both sides. Method 1. Print your photo on Wax or Sticker paper. Cut a piece to size and glued it to a piece of paper (so it could run through your printer easily) and then just pick a picture and printed it off normally. Next You basically flip over the wax paper onto wood slice and rub it pretty. Method 2. With this Mod podge technique you got better quality photo transfer to wood. First Print your photo with a laser printer. Next put wood slice on picture and trace around the wood slice and trim down the photo to fit onto it. Lay over the photo onto the mod podge and press overnight or put something heavy over to get out all the bubbles and wrinkles.
Write a cute Love Poem to your loved one with background image for your Boyfriend's Birthday that will make your special someone smile. Heart love poems can definitely capture your lover's heart.
Christmas lights in your room with up to 200 photos for maximum coziness and can make a room instantly feel warmer and cozier.
Happy Love Day with those special people most dear to your heart! Scrapbook gives you the warm fuzzy's and inspires you to snap some lovey-dovey photo album, some favorite memories, about love, hearts, relationships.
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What to give Boyfriend for his 20th birthday – Ideas and Gifts

Best gift ideas for boyfriend turning 20. Personalized present for 20h boyfriends birthday. Top gift for long distance boyfriend. It’s such a simple yet powerful gift and can be given to any loved one for their birthday, anniversary or just about any holiday really. All you got to do is gather up some pictures from past events and send them to a website that can put them all together. I used Their prices were among the cheapest I’ve found and they have incredible customer service. The person working on my collage was very patient and did everything I asked. They don’t send the collage to print until you’re 100% happy with the results. They also have a bunch of other things you can do with photos, like turn them into a Warhol style painting or make it into a multi-panel wall art. There’s a bunch of other sites that do the same thing if you want to look around