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Wedding picture montage - samples 2

You stand at a threshold again, Uneasily you are silent and you long As it is cruel and as it is lonely You in silence the speak! You aren't able to tell that you forgive, Pride in your heart fights, But the roving glance promises, That we will be together soon. Turns parting pain In pain of hope, my dreams. I admit, it wasn't right. I repent. I repent. But you are silent, again you are silent! You not in forces to renounce - sob, Because is weaker than separations, You suffer, I see, suffer, From the torments which are thought up by jealousy. My executioner, my savior, my demon, I incline before you, I am not free any more, I am a captive, Only I ask, be gentle with me.

Silly words, silly verses Again the silence, again we is one The light love will blind eyes Children's dreams will inspire me Again dull ache Will return from dreams Again mute role Unarmed fight Poisons us.

Memory will remind again To me evening And candles... Heart hurts again About you About a meeting Thoughts to start again Will depart As birds Again memory will wake pain Again not to become an inveterate drunkard...

Again candles about you cry All hopes burn on fire again The song of grief is played let by a rain By silver it is knocked on windows of our dreams Birds of happiness got off in way Needles of passion will wound from within You won't come today, as well as yesterday I will wait for you at a window Also soul completely will burn down again Again tears will be till the morning Because, I love you I want to give you myself Tomorrow there will be a new day again Rain will expect to fall, to me will become more cheerful I with love, will remember you With grief, about the covered with wounds soul.