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Photoartomation studio is a professional group of artists which paint portraits in traditional and modern styles. We specialize in personalized traditional and modern pop art digital painted and draw children portraits in oil, watercolor, pastel and pencil sketch drawing from family photos and creative picture collages. These examples can give you an idea of what custom children portrait painting from photo might look like on wall canvas.
Custom children portraits drawing, painting from photo
Children photo to custom portrait painting
Kids oil portrait painting, Custom size canvas
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Funny Custom children portrait oil painting
Custom children portrait oil painting, pet, photo, canvas
Custom design children portrait painting from photo to canvas
Children Portrait Painting Examples
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Custom Design
Sometimes you will find that you need to integrate two pictures together, remove unwanted objects from photographs, change backgrounds, and even place absent objects into existing photographs to improve the image's impact.
We can help!
Combine two children photos into one
  • Combine two photos into one
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Change background
  • Add Text

Organize children pictures in a single print
Combine three family photos into one


Family Collage
Family photo collage idea and gift

Photo to Pop Art
Modern portrait painting of children idea and gift

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Traditional and Modern Portrait Paintings of Children

Uniqueness of the portraits that the childdren are able to reflect important age features of a baby face and character. Look of eyes, smile, frowned nose. To express and emphasize more than it is possible from photo to custom children portrait painting from photos. Psychological changes of the children, transition period, growing, formation as persons. It is pleasant to it to see itself, reflected in a kid portrait in the room, in a place of honor. The kid grows up, and the part of the irrevocable childhood forever remains nearby - on a portrait. And looking at it, there will be brightest impressions of the childhood. Modern and traditionally painted portraits of children fill all house with unusually kind energy. As practice shows, render positive mood on all guests and family members. To catch a state and to express on the plane – an interesting task for the photographer. Bright and colorful pop art 2-, 3-, 4 -panels of the growing children are a positive contribution to development of the favorite offspring’s representing to some extent your second "I". Sounding of a Warhol style portrait becomes stronger if to enclose additional sense – dream of the children which is possible, after time, will be carried out. Creating a comic portrait of the boy or girl who is fond of helicopters, there was an allegory with artwork Roy Lichtenstein approach. Where children unforgettably Stylize abstract and Rainbow styles with a feather of the writer mature, transferring the hobbies and the purposes to mature years.

Grandchildren Portrait and Photo collages as a Gift

Grandchild and new born baby portraits and photo collage artworks capture your kid's personality is a good gift ideas for parents and grandparents on birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day and Mothers Day. Personalized children portrait, new born girl and boy portraits by your specific needs will be surprise gifts for grandpa and grandma Choose a design and decide how many pictures you wish to use to create custom photo collage. Collage of children inspirited you with ideas how to celebrate kid’s joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. You can order online personalized collages from your kids and family photos in artistic arrangement.

Children portrait styles and Canvas Prints

The children portrait is able to embody many colors combinations. In different technicians of execution: from oil paints on a canvas, pastel, gothic, watercolor paintings to sketch drawing, monochromatic and black and white shadows on autistic’s paper. Portraits of children can be monophonic, black and white, combined. Photo choice - an important point. The portrait is painted one qualitative photo, an average format. Additional photos will add understanding of all kid image. As portraits of children differ an open look, a cheerful smile, it is important to imprint this instant in time. And that spontaneity of a look, originality of outlines of a baby head will take already other form. And only the photo changed by a hand of the master in an art portrait, forever will keep a child image near you. With favorite toy, the domestic pet (a parrot, a kitten, a dog), it is possible to add the drawn portrait. For the love of children the painter will write "favourites" free of charge, photos can be attached separately. The artist will combine all images together. Also a task of the photographer enters to soften or replace separate details. For example, folds on clothes to correct a lock of hair, to change a background etc. Easy transparency of child soul will find the expression in a portrait. Unforgettable of boys and girls eyes, silkiness of cheeks perfectly look in artwork. The kids portrait also contains all gradation of shades, nuances of kid mood. The pure freshness, easy flush - everything naturally lays down on canvas.

Children portrait artists

Portraits of children can be combined from several photos of the different size and foreshortenings. To think up a thematic plot. The artist will try beautifully make artwork. Artist will simple to represent as is on a photo, proceeding from the general composition. All beauty of the child in a festive suit or a dress will be perfectly transferred by a portrait oil on a canvas. Feature of a children portrait - an internal light source

Frame children portrait

The children portrait can be issued in a custom size frame of the most courageous shades. Bright tone more than is pertinent. From such wood and metal frame scheme the portrait of the child only will win. And if to allow the child most to ornament a frame - will look interestingly and to the donator.

Promoting advance

The imprinted childhood – one of the brightest memoirs throughout all our further life. Here, probably, your imagination in completion of a special ringlet or an additional dimple on a cheek is required also. Promoting advance of your noble undertakings, the artist does a discount for all portraits of children. The discount 10%-is a gift to you, dear fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts. To each child’s work of art - a separate individual approach. Drawing of a child portrait always a joyful event for the artist.

Order a custom traditional and modern children portrait painting from photo to canvas. Grandchildren portrait and collages as a Gift for parents and grandparents