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My mom turned 60 this year and it took me a while to figure out what present to get her. Most of the presents I got her in the past ended up collecting dust in a closet somewhere. She even told me it’s better not to get her anything this year since she’d have no where to put it.

However, it’s impossible not to get something for your mothers birthday, even if she says she doesn’t need anything, just the act of receiving a gift from a loved one on your birthday is very significant. It’s important to make sure she knows how much she means to you, especially on this special day.

So finally I thought of the perfect gift. A photo collage of our old family photos! It was amazing, I scanned a bunch of our old family photos from different vacations, birthdays and any event where we got together. Then I sent them to this site I found, www.photoartomation.com, and they did a fantastic job of putting them all together. I mention them because their customer service was great. They work with you to make sure you’re 100% happy with the collage before sending it to be printed.

The most amazing thing about this gift was moms reaction. She loved it, it brought tears to her eyes, and to mine. The collage now hangs in her living room, next to the TV. She says looking at the pictures is more interesting than watching her shows.

A collage of family photos is thoughtful, beautiful and guaranteed to move even the most stoic people at heart. I’ll be getting all of my relatives a custom made collage for future holidays and will use www.photoartomation.com to get it done. Thanks to them, this years gift will never have to collect dust in a closet.

Comments and Suggestions

What a sweet birthday gift idea. My stepmother is turning 65 on October and we planning a huge surprise party. I believe this present she’ll really like.
What a lovely birthday present for your mom! 60 is something to celebrate. That gift sounds epic!
Ohhh-Aww!! that present for men and women over 60 sounds SO good! My parents are getting up there! My dad turned 75 in September and my mom will be 69 in December. Will keep in mind
These are great ideas. Inexpensive, personal and very creative. I think I will a try to order personalized pop art in Warhol inspired style, simple to make and it looks great
My Grandmother 80th birthday is around the corner and now I definitely know what I will present to her. Thanks for the suggestion!
My mom is 65 and my dad is 70. I hate seeing them get old and I think picture collage with their wedding and other old photos could be a great gift for my parents 40th anniversary
I am older than your mom (just turned 65), self employed, and have 2 sweet kids, 26 and 30 years old, and I’ve been happy to get such kind of birthday gift from my children
I’m almost 25 and my parents are 50 and 56. Birthday or anniversary collage as a gift is pretty wonderful, its also great as a Christmas present too
My mother is turning 60 this year and instead of buying some ordinary stuff I am going to make for her 60th birthday photo collage. Cool idea, really personal, meaningful and thoughtful
My hubby turning 40 in two month. i am planning birthday party for his happy 40th and I think, personalized gift idea such as painting from photo or personal pop art in Warhol inspired style would be nice surprise and gratefully appreciated
I’m so excited for my mom’s 50th birthday (in next year) because it’s a pretty big FIFTY years and we’re planning a big surprise party! I liked the boost of inspiration from this post! With a little imagination you can have a lot of fun with family photos. Love this neat!!
What a cute gift idea!! Love the collage of family pictures. I also so that photoartomation can make Family Tree collage, Past and Present photomontage for couple and many, many other beautiful things. Very useful website!!
My grandma is turning 90, one more time NINETY!! Can’t wait to see her in one more week! A very fun party, food cake with strawberries and family history collage with up to 90 picture framed on one piece of wonderful wood frame.
My mothers 60th birthday coming in two weeks and I still don’t have a birthday present for her. I love the photo collage idea! Going to try it this year for my beautiful best mom.
We have my dad’s 60th birthday coming up next year, and I’m already trying to get plans together with my sister. Thanks for the collage idea
Looks like an awesome personalized photo gift idea. Happy 60th birthday to your mom! I love a personal thought in a gift pretty much any kind
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