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Little girl, lovely little girl, Birch harmonious washing, You are the song gentle that loudly You caress to a decline of day. Where you are absent – there the twilight wanders, Day where you are absent disturbs, Only memory yes removes a feather From a shadow heart and me. Here the short instant came – We again together, Also isn't present to alarms of the place in reality. You sing, a solovushka, the bride, I am in love with happiness too, To them I breathe now. Eyes Gray, blue, and suddenly blue Your eyes darlings, native, And look open, where soul flies, And in the depth of bottomless as a snowflake thaws. That suddenly prickly with needles of pupils, As not criminal fortress of a loophole, I lose courage and there aren't enough words, That in depth, let with fight, but to break through. I want to plunge into a blue whirlpool, To thaw in a blue scope of eyes, About your steel to me not to stumble any more, I will melt. All the same, I didn't die away. Therefore yours Snow with the rain, rustle under wheels pools, "Janitor" rushes about as a metronome, And me all, me is warm from you at all and that it is necessary To me it is warm at heart from presence at it not left. All the same. And not losing I any more, and found. You came, as to tired force, As a source to the waterless steppe, And me, having passed, didn't twist, Alienations cold lash. You will find those simple words, That aren't told, but you understand, From which the head rustles, From which hopes you don't lose. I incline before wisdom women's, And your soft, gentle hand, It is struck as Onegin Lensk, It is won! And therefore yours.

If people have stopped loving Also have left - everything clearly. The vase fragile was broken - And splinters have swept. If quarrel - happens; There are and in the Sun spots. Change - too simply: Means, there was no love. Well, and if parting - Just for fun; and without the reason Tears thaw on eyelashes, Heart is torn to pieces, Lips are eager for a kiss, - So why we leave?! Perhaps just we with you, My darling, fools?.