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Wedding picture montage - samples 5

I look for you among people, I look at them, but you are absent. Soul boils, and heart aches Also I wait for you, but you leave. I love you one, But you also don't know it. You won't understand probably me, As it is difficult - to love everything you! There was a wish to shout for the whole world, That you only and my favorite, But it is a pity, you don't hear again And I, likely, am indifferent for you. There was a wish all - of course to be darling And red to hold roses in hand. But you don't see my efforts, So why all - to suffer? There was a wish to kindle cold in your heart And to be with you both in the afternoon, and at night. To love you at any pain And to be with you at any share!

Not to fall asleep to me today again I will think of you again. And you will sleep peacefully likely Also you won't remember even me. Washing life it is similar to torture You live likely as in paradise In bars you hang, in discos You likely have also a friend. And I one all as before Without having found the girlfriend as the unsociable person I even have no hope, That I will stop loving you. Why in life so happens Washing life takes place as in hell. I love you, but I don't caress From a grief I probably will die, That another takes you for shoulders, Heart is warmed by you to it And I dream only of it And nights I can't sleep.

As I want to embrace you, It is stronger to press to the breast, And in midnight silence With you to be alone. To imprison you in embraces And very passionately to kiss And that in sleepy silence I possessed you all.

You touch me So gently and so imperiously My hand in your hand And you kiss me passionately! Whether Love it, or passion? I don't know... One is known - At you over me Great power When I with you The head goes around, knees shiver Everything fusses around All hurry somewhere And for me there are only we - YOU AND I! I know, then it will be sick... I will suffer, But pulls involuntarily... Also there is a wish to give and I smother also a body, Everything has bothered me!!!!! I live From a meeting to a meeting And time absolutely Doesn't treat me You for me Both happiness and torture And tears of joy and pains shout! To spit on all that chagrin I need an instant.... Believe... only... INSTANT...