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Wedding collage design - Examples 4

WP1-100 - Wedding poster
#WP1-100 - Wedding poster

2 photo composition
WP1-110 - Wedding poster
#WP1-110 - Wedding poster

2 photo and text
WP1-120 - Wedding poster
#WP1-120 - Wedding poster

5 photo composition
WP1-160 - poster print
#WP1-160 - poster print

3 photo composition template
WP1-170 - poster print
#WP1-170 - poster print

2 photo composition template
WP1-180 - poster print
#WP1-180 - poster print

1 photo and text template
WP1-190 - photo montage
#WP1-190 - photo montage

3 photos composition template
WP1-200 - photo montage
#WP1-200 - photo montage

5 photos composition template
WP2-010 - photo montag
#WP2-010 - photo montage

2 photos and text template
WP2-020 - wedding album
#WP2-020 - wedding album

2 pic and text template
WP2-030 - wedding album
#WP2-030 - wedding album

2 pic composition template
WP2-040 - wedding album
#WP2-040 - wedding album

2 pic composition template

Wedding picture montage - samples 4

You will ask: "Why?". I won't answer you … Understand, itself I don't know. But I will come to our meeting. Last time I will smile to you, and, maybe, I will kiss. Understand: you were loved by me. But only all for nothing. There was nothing with you … Sorry, so it turned out. But, you know, I want to tell: nobody is guilty that so developed. I will be with it, but not with you. Than better it – I don't know. Go the road, I don't disturb you any more. Freedoms, I remember, you wanted … I ask: and you don't disturb me. Forget my number, my lips. It is quiet to live to one to me give.

Between us dense fog, And you from me it is absolutely far... To cure to nobody my wounds, And it is hard for me to understand all. I want to depart to the sky, To look at you from height... You too never there were, Didn't see that light simple beauty. Well let's join we hands, Let's dream at least of that, That separations were short, That always we were together!

I die and again I am born! It is too much on light of losses. I say goodbye to you! I say goodbye... And let everything will come true, than I live... Than I breathe... It is impossible to repeat anything. Therefore again being born I breathe and I live It is so DIFFICULT to die nevertheless!

Winter evening. Candles die away. And in soul the fire burns down. Everything isn't eternal! The world isn't eternal! In total! our conversation has ended

Here again night, is time to sleep everything. And again at six in the morning to rise. Again I don't sleep also that is with me Again you mine steal rest. I take bread, I go on Rhine And again I feed swans. Again dawn, I go home The swinging the head. Which day I don't sleep any more On Rein I feed swans What I am after all a fool And in life all in mine not so.