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Wedding picture montage - samples 3

Why you have again fallen in love? Love fire in soul has woken. Really you like to suffer, The whole day to cry and not to sleep all night long? Understand so it is impossible to live further, Forget everything, it will be better for you. I understand you can and you love, You are a person live, so just you won't forget... To be with him, I know, it won't turn out, Then why in vain to suffer? He lives far from you And you at him not one And he likely doesn't know about you About your love, about your trouble. I want to give to you advice, At the end of a tunnel there is light, Therefore you understand the feelings More patience have. You are very strong, I know I perfectly understand everything. Also remember that time heals. Also it will become very soon easier …

Rain drops, Rain drops, You have lost me today. In this loss not my fault. Rain drops, Rain drops... We have dispersed, Between us wall, Our street from tears isn't visible. You are guilty, I'm leaving Favorite with myself I carry away an image. Drops of a rain flow down in streams Carry away with themselves my tears, Oaths, recognitions, our dreams. We couldn't keep love.

All of us shouldn't remember the past, It is necessary to live in the present, We will find everything, but also we will lose, It is necessary to think of forthcoming only. Life is given only once, But not everyone lives adequately. Before to do, think at least once, And then to you it will be quiet. Many obstacles meet in life, Which need to be passed, But we have in life many misfortunes, And the happiness after all should be found.