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Personalized Pointillism Painting from Photo

Photoartomation Art Studio offer personalized pointillism paintings from photo printed on canvas or posters. Portrait pointillism painting and Landscape paintings are fantastic option for displaying your photos on the wall.
Pointillism - run your mouse over the image to see effect...
Pointillism Painting Family Portrait
Family Portrait

Pointillism Painting Children Portrait
Children Portrait

Pointillism Painting Pet Portrait
Pet Portrait

Pointillism Painting Wedding Portrait
Wedding Portrait

Pointillism Painting Self Portrait
Self Portrait

Pointillism Painting Friends Portrait
Friends Portrait

Pointillism Painting Couple Portrait
Couple Portraits

Landscape Pointillism painting

House Pointillism painting

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Personalized Pointillism Portrait Painting from Photo - Turn your Photo into Pointillism.

Custom pointillism portrait painting from your memorable photos - pointillism painting from photos, pointillism portrait paintings and photo to pointillism painting gift ideas. We can transform your images of family and friends into a personal and unique piece of art - Pointillism. Donít worry if your original image is not perfect, some of the best results come from the simplest of photographs. All personalized work of art are unique and created especially for you Pointillism is a style of painting in which small distinct points of primary colors create the impression of a wide selection of secondary colors. The technique relies on the perceptive ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to mix the color spots into a fuller range of tones, and is related closely to Divisionism, a more technical variant of the method. Black and dark colors are not as affected visually as light and bright colors. We can specify the size of the dots and the amount of light in the image.